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You have a typo no longer shows correct solution

Wrong answer, you have a typo and watch for accented characters used to all show the correct solution. Now it seems that only wrong answer box still shows the correct solution whereas the others just repeat your answer although underline the wrong words.

Can you please correct this bug, as I am not learning how to correct my mistakes and you are reinforcing the incorrect answers in my mind.

March 14, 2014



I'm having the same problem--it seems to have just started. Not sure what's going on.


I get this with the umlauts on my iPhone


Same thing happens in Portuguese :( running the iPhone app


I've also noticed that the "Heart Refill" isn't working correctly either. Normally, you lose 3 hearts, then your 4th mistake quits the lesson (wah-wah). With the heart refill, you should get 4 mistakes, and lose on your 5th. But with the heart refill showing, your 4th mistake will quit the lesson. The upside, is you still have your heart refill (to do no good) for your next lesson!


This started with the most recent iOS update (v3.3, released 3/10/14)... Hopefully it can be fixed soon!


I agree that this bug started with the recent v3.3 release. It occurs when you have a typo and also regarding incorrect accents, both terribly annoying as users will never learn the correct spelling. They simply have used the incorrectly typed word rather than the correct word in the feedback message. I find it quite odd that someone changed something that was working to something that was not, but this is what happens in programming. One bug fix normally introduces three others. Perhaps this is just a sign of inadequate change control mechanisms in the Duolingo company. Wouldn't have happened in my day ;)

I emailed Duolingo immediately that I noticed the problem (with a full explanation) and regularly afterwards too, but asI received no reply nor was an update forthcoming, I decided to use the power of the group and post the bug report here. Odd that they never reply to these messages to say that they will investigate or will correct the issue in the next release. Surely the company must read these and eventually take appropriate action.

Please do so soon, otherwise I will have to start posting on Facebook how poor the app is. I certainly do not want my friends thinking that I like apps that do not work.

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