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Translation requested - Google translate received

Okay, this is what happened: one of us asked for a translation of a text. Another guy made it simple for himself, copied that text into google translate and posted the result. As you can imagine, the translation was very poor, full of mistakes and far away from correctness.

My point of view is, that this kind of behaviour sucks. Anybody can use that damned Google translate tool, nobody needs "help" to get a butchered translation there. Many people from around the world are gathered here, that's great, because if you ever need help in the language you're learning, there's always somebody who is a native speaker or who at least speaks that specific language very well, who can (and will!) help you!

If I'm not able to translate something, that's okay, there's no gun at my forehead that forces me to reply. But if I pretend to have a decent knowledge of that language and then post that Google-rubbish, that's more like throwing a torpedo than a lifebelt.

The really bad thing is, that the person who asked for translation maybe thinks that a native speaker was so kind to answer his request and maybe tries to LEARN from this.

My meaning is, it sucks. But maybe you have a different point of view and I'm just too fussy.

April 10, 2017

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No not at all., I totally agree with you. However, what can we really do? The only thing we can really do is to just ignore those who offer Google translations and do our best to encourage native speakers to reply to our posts.

It is not as if we can prevent people, who for the most part probably think they are helping from contributing.

What do you think we should do?

April 10, 2017
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