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What do people mean when you don something?

In a French test the answer was "You don a hat so I was wondering what you think it might mean!" :#

April 10, 2017



To don an article of clothing is a way of saying someone put on, or wore an article of clothing (usually referring to something fancy like a top hat or a gown).

It's a good question and it's language related. I'm not sure why this post got so many negative votes.


Also, the opposit of don is to doff i.e. To take something off (especially a hat).


In fact, “don” is a contraction of the Middle English phrasal verb “do on”, and “doff” similarly comes from Middle English “do off”.


I'd say I learn something new every day, but I learn lots of new things every day here on Duolingo.

Thank you, Sir Pete! I'll be adding that one to my vocabulary!


to 'don' means to 'put on'

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