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  5. "Le risposte sono diverse."

"Le risposte sono diverse."

Translation:The answers are different.

February 27, 2013



I believe that "The answers are varied" is a correct translation


Just think different in the sense of "not the same". Then it makes sense why diverse or varied is not right.


The solution: "the answers are VARIOUS" was regarded as incorrect, whereas one of the two solutions offered was: "the answers are DIVERSE". Are not VARIOUS and DIVERSE synonymous?


They are, but DL didn't notice that. A human teacher would have. Report it.


"The answers are various" does not make any sense. Maybe you're thinking of "The answers are varied".


Not sure why people down-voted this response. "The answers are various" is not correct syntax. You could say "There are various answers".


In English usage, though technically synonyms, "diverse" means "many different answers which may or may not share commonalities" and "different" means "not the same", implying few commonalities and, without some number modifier, only a few linguistic objects . Answers which share commonalities are "similar". Diverse answers can contain differences, similarities or both.

In English, you'd say, "The two answers are different" but not "The two answers are diverse." If there were numerous answers, you'd say, "There are divers answers" or "There are many different answers" or "The answers are all different". "Different" also implies a greater degree of certain difference, while diverse allows for a certain degree of commonality mixed with difference. "Humans are a diverse group of races, very different from Klingons" yet "Humans, Romulans, and Klingons are a diverse group of humanoids, very different from the Organians (a pure energy form of life).".


I replied "The answers are diverse" which was marked as wrong - I totally understand that the sentence translates as "The answers are wrong", but I thought maybe it could also mean that there are various kinds of answers? Thanks for any help. :)


Out of context it could mean both. The most common meaning is "The answers differ from the give ones" but it could also mean "There are several (possible) answers."

If you think a translation should be added, report it! :)


Thank you for the quick response! Yeah, I wasn't sure if I was right, so I wanted to check before reporting anything wrong. ;)


That makes sense. My first thought was "the answers are diverse", in the context of grading papers and receiving a variety of answers from different students. ;) I ended up putting 'different' though, figured it was more common.


my answer was too "the answers are diverse" & it is marked as correct


I have answered various to be told that it was wrong ,the correct answer is,Diverse. its crazy!


what is the difference between "are different" and "differ"? i can't accept this as a fault!!!


Don't take my word for it, but I think "the answers differ" would be "le risposte diverse". The "sono" indicates "(they) are".


Yes, the two have the same meaning, but are grammatically quite different. And since we are learning the adjective 'diverse' it is unlikely that duolingo will accept an English translation where 'diverse' is used as a verb.


I am with elmer45.i do not understand why I am wrong


Is there a difference between "differente" and "diverso?"


Isn't "differente" more common to use if you want to mean "different"?


La domanda e dio, giusto?


Lets just do this, "I'm smart, you're dumb, I'm right and you're wrong, I'm big and you're small, and there's nothing you can do about it."

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