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"Andrei este un băiat fermecător și atrăgător."

Translation:Andrei is a charming and attractive boy.

April 10, 2017



I want to be like Andrei... ; )


Would "Andrei is a charming boy and attractive" work as a translation? Or would that have to be "Andrei este un băiat fermecător și este atrăgător" in Romanian?


What do the people who are native speakers, or experience of hearing the language think of the speaker's voice? I find it sounds quite bad-tempered and aggressive, and can't believe most Romanians sound like it most of the time! Can anyone reassure me?


You know, it's really funny how different voices hit different people's ears. I have no experience listening to Romanian, but I think this TTS voice sounds really pretty. I know what you mean about bad-tempered voices, though, because I'm always waiting for the Catalan voice to tell me to go clean my room, and warn me that if it has to tell me one more time I'm not getting any dinner. =) The difference in perception is interesting – I've wondered if it's because in the backs of our minds, the voices remind us of actual people we've known, or something like that.


why atragator and not atragatoare? Is this something to do with male and female?


Yes, yes it is, atragatoare is for girls / feminin and atragator is for boys / masculin

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