I'm done!

April 10, 2017


Thank you!

My best advice: Don't stop learning!!! Try learning English for German speakers.

French speakers too !!

Oui, je parle aussi le français. Je dois y revenir un jour ou l'autre, parce qu'il est devenu un peu rouillé.

Je trouve que tu te débrouilles assez bien ! :-D Tu souhaites devenir traducteur plus tard ou... ?

Je le doute, mais c'est possible. Néanmoins, j'aime apprendre les langues étrangères.

I will certainly be continuing, don't worry. I plan to improve my grammar and listening skills and get some speaking practice soon if possible.

congrats now try the reverse tree

Congratulations! Ausgezeichnet! :)

Danke schön! Ich werde jetzt meine Fertigkeiten des Zuhörens und Sprechens üben.

Sehr gut. Viel Glück. :)

That is indeed awesome. :)

Thank you!

Congratulations! How long did you take to finish the German course?

I started it a long time ago and did maybe 15% of the course, and then in late December of 2016 I started it again, did about 2-3 lessons per day, and finished two days ago (April 9th). So all in all, about 5 months.

Gut, aber du hast wirklich nur begonnen, die deutsche Sprache zu beherrschen oder? Haha! Auf jeden Fall einen herzlichen Glückwunsch wünsche ich dir! Es ist eine große Leistung, den Baum abzuschließen! :-D

Vielen Dank! Ich werde auf jeden Fall weitermachen, Deutsch zu lernen.
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Wunderbar !;-)

Congrats!!! What's next for you?

Thanks! I plan to work on my listening and grammar skills and get some speaking practice if possible.

Thank you!

YAY!!! Awesome Job!! Was It Hard To Do??

Thanks! It wasn't really too difficult to be honest, just required a lot of consistent practice and dedication. Personally, I've found that getting the courage to actually talk to native speakers and make mistakes is far more difficult. In the end, both can be very valuable to the language learning process. Best of luck with your own language studies!

Thank you so much!! Keep on learning!

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