"Byddwch yn dawel nawr!"

Translation:Be quiet now!

April 10, 2017



"Dawel" would be related to "Mo^r Tawel"? ("Pacific" means "peaceful", and a pacifist is a peace-maker.)

April 10, 2017


Yes, tawel means 'quiet'. It is also used for 'pacific' in 'Pacific Ocean'.

April 11, 2017


Is there a more emphatic way of saying this in Welsh? i.e. "Shut up!" vs. "Be quiet!"?

October 28, 2017


I've heard Cau dy geg! "Shut your mouth!" and Cau hi! "Shut it!".

October 28, 2017

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You can use 'tawel' itself

Tawelwch! = Quieten!, Silence!

Byddwch yn dawel! is also an emphatic sentence, it's a command.

October 28, 2017


All the b- forms of the verb bod are cognate with the b- forms of the English verb to be, and also with the Latin verbs fio ("I become; I happen", as in fiat lux, "let there be light", and also origin of Romanian a fi, "to be") and the f- forms of vado ("I go"), like fui ("I went"), and also of futurus ("future"). The same root is also present in the Latin suffix -bo ("future suffix", like in amabo, "I will love") and -bam ("imperfective indicative suffix", like in amabam, "I was loving"). The former suffix was lost in all the Romance languages (in this example, Spanish amaré, which uses an unrelated suffix), while the latter was successfully transmitted (Spanish amaba).

March 13, 2019
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