"Avec qui je joue ?"

Translation:With whom do I play?

February 27, 2013

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I would use whom, as it refers to an object. A simple way to know whether to use who or whom is if the answer is him, her, or them, use whom. "with whom do I play?" I play with him.


CSBurksesq. Wow! This is intriguing. "Who do I play with?" also works, or do I know nothing and it should be "WHOM do I play with?" Would you be good enough to explain this or maybe give a website which does. Thanks in advance.


Excellent. Thankyou.


Lol I arrived here trying to learn some French and it turned out that I know how to use whom now.


Who am I playing with? also works. Though the With whom do I play? is a more direct translation and not technically wrong in English, though rather formal


Why not with whom I play?. I haven't heard it being said, here in England, but I'm sure it's grammatically correct - and is even a direct translation.


No, pretty sure you need the do in there. If you had it arranged so that you indicated the question with an upward inflection at the end you might say 'I play with whom?' but 'With whom I play' is not grammatically correct English on its own. Find an English teacher and ask them if you need more convincing. You might say 'This is the person with whom I play' and that would be fine. But then it's a part of the sentence, not the full thing.


why not "avec qui joue-je"?


Because this is a "special" question because it starts with Avec. Same if it starts it Comment, Qui..." It turns out that you can't do an inverted question or a est-ce que* question.


i answer:( who with do i play?) is it really unaccure?


"With whom do I play?" is formal and never used, but correct. "Who do I play with?" is the most common form of that question.


I agree with ibrainali. I would say "with whom do I play" when I am being accused of playing with someone and I know it is untrue. I speak that way when I have an attitude lol


i beg to differ. Never used is a bit of an exaggeration. it most certainly is used on Polo Fields. Most average english speakers are quite satisfied, though, with "who do i play with"


In the category of "formal and never used, but correct" is my rejected answer of "With whom play I?" which is still to this day technically valid English I believe, at the very least cromulent, although archaic or idiosyncratic grammar at best for modern, informal English.


Says me while playing a multiplayer match in Top Spin 4...


Do I play with whom not good???????? Why??


You might say 'Do I play with her?' or 'Do I play with you?' or 'Do I play with them?' but 'whom' does not work. And I'm sorry but I don't have the grammar knowledge to explain why.


F this one for not accepting who, no one says whom

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