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Achievement Suggestions

I have some suggestions for the Achievement feature in Duolingo, and I thought I'd make a post in case anyone else also has any suggestions:

  1. Achievement medals based on total XP, i.e. 1000 xp, 2500 XP, 5000 XP, 10,000 xp, etc. (Could base it off of total levels also, but I feel like XP is better in this case).

  2. Achievement medals for multiple trees finished, i.e. could change the color of the Master medal depending on how many trees you've finished.

  3. Achievement medals based on long streaks, e.g. 25 days, 50 days, 100 days, 250 days, etc.

  4. Could introduce Club Achievements, but would have to make them restricted to Clubs with multiple members so someone couldn't just create a solo club and get them.

  5. The ability to equip a medal to be displayed on your profile in the forums or your club.

April 11, 2017



I was wondering when we'd have a discussion thread about the new "Achievement" feature; I figured it was an A/B test that only a few people had access to for now.

I started with 8 of the 12 achievements ticked off when the feature came online for me last week. I made an effort to get the last four as soon as possible, hoping (in vain) that doing so might unlock other achievements or some other interesting feature. No such luck, but it kind of confirmed that the feature is motivating. Good job, Duolingo!

Anyway, the achievement feature seems to be inspired by a similar feature in Rosetta Stone, which has dozens of different achievements. I tend to think that there are lot more than Duolingo could add, and I hope they will!

One achievement that may be motivating is getting a tree all gold -- something that takes lots of work and is pedagogically useful but which goes surprising unremarked by Duolingo.


I like this idea a lot. When it comes to streak, I think people will be less devastated to lose it if there was proof of their Longest Streak displayed on their profile.

Levels also aren't a good indication of how far along someone is in their tree, so a % complete would be nice. More useful than a fluency %.

Also, if someone tests out of a language up to a certain level, this should be shown as an achievement too.


Could also assign an XP bonus on Medals, based on the difficulty of attaining that particular medal. For example, attaining the 7-day streak medal could result in 100 bonus XP (would want to be sure the bonus XP is enough to make achieving the Medal worthwhile).


Also Medal for number of perfect lessons completed (both old and new lessons. Including both old and new lessons encourages practice of old lessons, while encouraging care with new lessons).


I'd rather expect that duoLingo brings back activity tab, which is missing for over one and a half months now, or fix a bug that I reported some one moth ago, that when you click a national character from under the dialog box, it is always inserted at the last position, and not where the insertion point (cursor) is. I'd also would like to see that duoLingo expands existing trees with new vocabulary or exercises or adds new features that help to learn languages. Instead features like immersion are taken away and some colorful junk is added.

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