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How to delete your own translation?

I started reviewing and translating a text in immersion that I assumed to be some wikipedia kind of article on a historical figure. Some sentences down the line I realized it was a religious and indoctrinating article. As it doesn't reflect my point of view on religion, I'd like to delete my contributions. This is not a post against the translation of the article. I simply don't want to be part of it. Could you please tell me how I can do that? Thank you.

March 14, 2014



Highlight the section you want to edit, and just make lots of spaces, commas or punctuations.

Write a short note on why you did what you did, and use the "discuss article" part of the immresion.


You can go back to the individual sentence and erase it and then hit save. That would be my suggestion!


I tried both techniques but DL is too smart. It tells me my translation doesn't seem correct. Oh, well. Since there was another version of the sentence, I reverted back to that one. But make my sentence disappear altogether... I don't think that is possible. Thanks kristinemc and CecilieO. for your suggestions.

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