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Latest iPad responses malformed

OK, in the new (March 2014) update of the iPad App I am seeing a lot of instances where the response to my input (ie telling me if I am right or wrong) is malformed. Words missing, telling me I have typos when I do not, saying to check accents when none apply. This is about midway through the French tree (Objects/ Places/ Adverbs 3).

Trouble is the app doesn't have a contextual system for reporting errors, and if it is half way through a lesson I am disinclined to abort it. I appears only to be an issue of I am right - have not noticed erroneous error flags, but suspect I may have benefitted from a couple of false positives.

March 14, 2014



Hi! The best way to report via the app is to go into your settings by clicking on the gear in the app and selecting 'Send Feedback'. You can add a screenshot right there too. Please report in detail what you're seeing. Thank you. You can also add screenshots to a forum post by doing the following:


I am also using that app, and I didn't notice any problems with it. Have you tried re-installing it?


This seems to be the same issue, but it is not clear if it is on the App. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2206393

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