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  5. "Unaweza kuambukizwa mafua"

"Unaweza kuambukizwa mafua"

Translation:You can be infected with a cold

April 11, 2017



"You can get a cold", or "You can catch a cold" may be better translations. Reported 11 Apr 2017


10-MAY-2018 reported that "You are able to be infected with the flu" should be an accepted answer.


I left out the a which still makes as much sense as the given answer


I researched kuambukizwa on Wiktionary and found an interesting trail of breadcrumbs. "Ambukizwa" (to become infected) in the passive form of "ambukiza," which is the causative form of "ambuka," which in turn is the stative form of "ambua." Ambua’s primary translation is "to benefit" or "to profit," but it also has a meaning of separation, as in peeling away or detaching something. Taking all this into consideration, I reasoned that ambua could refer to the act of someone being separated from their group for the group’s benefit, as in the case of a sick person being isolated to prevent the spread of their infection. The infected individual is “peeled away” from their group. By this logic, ambua’s stative form, ambuka, could be translated as the act of entering into a state that would bring about such a separation. Ambukiza, often translated as "to infect," is the causative form of ambuka and therefore has the meaning of causing the entry of one into a state that would require the type of separation described by ambua. Finally the passive form of ambukiza, ambukizwa, understandably means to become infected.

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