"Afadhali tusiandike"

Translation:It is better that we do not write

April 11, 2017

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I am not English native and I don't understand why "it is better that we do not write is wrong" ???? If a native English speaker could explain I would be very grateful !


English is my first language and I think "It is better that we don't write" should be an acceptable translation for this one.


Ok, now I got really confused. What is "it is better"? afadhali, ni bora or heri?


They all seem to be general ways to "sweeten" a request, but I found these specific translations for them:

Ni bora: lit. "[It] is best" •afadhali: lit. "rather", so "I would rather you..." •heri: lit. "blessed", I'm not sure there's an exact analogue in English. Maybe like "if you could do X, that would be a godsend"?


Why is afadhali wasipike correct and afadhali wapike incorrect ?

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