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  5. "You walk."

"You walk."

Translation:Ustedes caminan.

February 27, 2013



ustedes caminan is not a correct translation for you walk. If they want to use the formal version, it should be usted camina in the singular third person tense. ustedes caminan is a formal "they" or "you all". They should not be putting both plural and singular as correct.


We don't have a word for "you-all" in english, so "you" makes sense.


We have Y'all ;) haha


Yeah it doesn't. The sentence needs to be made in such a way to specify a plurality of some sort. Ustedes is really just a formal version of "they".


i selected tu caminas and it told me I was wrong


so ustedes is caminan, but tu is caminas.....is tu used for 'you' both singular and plural? I am a bit confused, I thought it would be tu caminan.


Tu is you, singular, my friend Usted is you, singular, my boss, and Ustedes is you, plural, my bosses

Tu caminas, Usted camina (camina also used for he, she, it), Ustedes caminan (caminan also used for they and, in Latin America, you plural, my friends)


So would ellas/ellos be caminan?


Yes. Yo camino - I walk Tú caminas - You (familiar) walk Usted, Él, Ella camina - You (formal), he, she walks Nosotros, Nosotras caminamos - We (male or mixed), we (female) walk Ustedes, Ellos, Ellas caminan - You (plural), They (male or mixed), They (female) walk.


What is the difference between the two verbes caminan and andas?


This is crap, ustedes is plural.


it seems like portuegese is becoming more easier for me than spanish lol

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