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Advanced Courses?

Why does duolingo not allow the creation of advanced courses for certain languages that are already well-developed like French, English, or Spanish? I realize that duo is rather a website for beginner to lower-intermediate levels, but is there no chance that we see advanced courses eventually? Even though duo teaches you the most integral parts of a language, it doesn't leave you with much knowledge about the nuances and exceptions in a language...

April 11, 2017



The language teams do extend the courses over time. I know that Spanish and German are both on version 2 or 3 at least, and my Norwegian course has had a large increase increase of skills and vocab recently.

April 11, 2017


The Spanish tree is tiny though. 61 skills and only ~1600 words while the German one is 130 skills if I'm not mistaken. The 1600 words of Spanish is 300 less compared to for example French and Portuguese.


I do want an advanced course, but how? Just use the same format and continue to add more sentences? At the end we would still only know vocabulary.

In a way I feel Duo is doing the right thing. Give us the basics and let us leave the nest to explore other parts of the language.

The problem is that we don't have any guidance when we finish the tree. I was lost for a while and was extremely frustrated, but eventually I found a website to focus on grammar, an audio book for pronunciation, and a site for speaking practice. It has been a long, exhaustive process.

So if there is an advanced course, it needs to cover other parts of the language. Otherwise, just give us some guidance to the alternatives.


I do want an advanced course, but how? Just use the same format and continue to add more sentences? At the end we would still only know vocabulary.

I think you can learn quite a lot of grammar on Duolingo. It depends on the tree I guess (and it certainly helps when you've done enough to get a decent of amount of translation into your target language), but it's precisely the fact you see grammar in action here that makes me prefer it so much over a Memrise, for example.


Yes, Duo is absolutely awesome. You learn without knowing you're learning, but I'm not sure it can cover the advanced stuff with the same format. kwiziq.com is similar to Duo, and it attaches a grammar lesson to each sentence. So maybe Duo doesn't have to make a lot of changes to make it work for the advanced stuff.


Using the fluentu method would be best.

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Yes, I want advanced French and Spanish courses, too.


I've been wanting the same thing lately. I'm getting kinda bored of redoing lessons in Spanish and French and I wish there were more advanced lessons and skills.


Duolingo's CEO and Founder said that they have other priorities right now. They are working on more languages, more functions and to bring all the courses to B1 level.


Here's another vote for an Advanced French course.

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