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"We do not have juices, we have wines."

Translation:Nu avem sucuri, noi avem vinuri.

April 11, 2017



N-avem - what is this?


A contraction of nu avem. A syllable is lost as a result which makes pronunciation faster. We do this often in Romanian.


is n-avem correct to use in writing, say, a formal email?


It is correct.


N- was never taught in the course. For all I knew it was just there as a trap like some other wrong answers deliberately written to catch people not reading or it could have been an abbreviation of "Noi". Shouldnt have to rely on someone in the comments explaining this concept. If they want to test something like this it should have been taught when we learned "Nu".


Why do you need noi avem in the 2nd part of the sentence, however, just avem is sufficient in the 1st verb?


Why nu and noi? What's the reason for the difference?


hm... are you confusing "nu" - not with "noi" - we? btw. "noi" can be plural for "new"

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