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hooray! I completed the french tree!

all in gold!!! I made sure to practice a lot and tried to take my time.

completed in 45 days <3

Thank you to this community for being helpful & supportive!

<333 all you lovelies!

x roya

April 11, 2017



Wow the whole tree in 45 days is awesome. Congrats!!


Congratulations!!!! 45 days is super fast.


yeah i tried to go slower but i wanted to learn new things. im going to keep practicing


Oui, c'est ce que je pense aussi! Et toi? Tu en es où dans ton arbre en français?


je suis en 'abstract nouns'- et vous?


Moi j'ai fini mon arbre indonésien -> anglais, et maintenant j'essaye de comprendre tout ce qui est dit en indonésien sur le forum. Ensuite, je vais attaquer une autre langue, mais je ne sais pas laquelle.


wow, that's impressive. How many hours a day do you practice?


at least 3, got addicted towards the middle-end


now that's dedication, and here I am barely able to make an hour of practice daily. Were you able to retain everything that you learned or did you forgot some of it?


You finished the whole tree in 45 days? Do you work full time as well? I don't think that's possible for me at all. My head would explode.


i do! i work 40+ hrs/week in an office job. Would practice in those excruciating moments of nothingness between client madness. Also, the app is great for waiting in line for coffee or something.


Who is the woman in your picture?
And congrats.


hi! it's me!! No, kidding, it's olde hollywood actress Lila Lee & thank u


Wow, I'm totally impressed. What do you plan to do next? If you need resources, let me know.


immediate plan is to keep practicing. i want to eventually read the little prince in french, or attempt, anyway. My ultimate goal was always to eventually stop needing subtitles in french films. Any resources would be appreciated, thank you!


I'm learning french in stages, so here are my resource.

  1. After finished the french tree on Duo, I realized my grammar was weak, so I used kwiziq.com. It's the best grammar site I've found so far. It works similar to Duo.

  2. Then I needed to work on pronunciation. I downloaded this free audio book. My listening skill improved immediately when I started using this book. https://archive.org/details/Les500ExercicesDePhonetique

  3. I use italki.com to find free language partners but at the moment I'm paying $6-$9/hour to talk to professionals. Normally I have to pay $45-$60 for a single hour with a teacher. Here, I can have an hour everyday and it would cost the same. That's pretty much full immersion, and people only need a couple of weeks or months of immersion to be able to speak.

So with those three resources, I feel they cover all parts of the language. I hope it works for you as well. Good luck!


What a great goal - I love The Little Prince :) Do you have the bilingual version? It's very well laid-out so it's easy to check the English section when you need help. It comes with a CD too. It's much harder than Duolingo! The speech sections are usually OK but a lot of the narrative is written in imparfait, pluperfect and passé simple tenses often with pronominal verbs and often I get lost. And sometimes I can understand each word in a sentence but the actual meaning of the phrase is completely different from what I'd expect!

There’s a little bilingual section here too: https://www.lawlessfrench.com/reading/le-petit-prince/

At the moment I dip into the book, circle the vocab I don’t understand, learn it over time and then when I return to it I’m thrilled that I can understand the same sentence without having to check the English side of the page! Mostly I read much simpler French books or French magazines knowing that eventually I’ll be able to read The Little Prince x


i dont have the bilingual or any version anymore. I had an english one when i was little. Im going to look for an edition like what you have described.

thanks! good luck to you, too!


Wow! Congratulations to you.


That is seriously amazing! Finishing in a little over a month, you must've been really determined. I am in Lvl 6 and just finished my first checkpoint. I'm trying my best to do it everyday for an hour, it's difficult but hopefully I will be able to be fluent in French cause I love the language. Any tips?


thanks! ive always been a bit of a francophile and i just really wanted to see if i could learn french eventually. This platform provided a great "what if" scenario for me. As for tips, in this thread, LanguageButcher gave me some super leads for learning. Good luck to you!


Nice Work! Keep it up!


Felicitations ! Un lingot pour vous

  • 1384

Très bien!


Superbe! 45 jours n'est pas beaucoup! J'ai mis 2 mois environ pour l'arbre en indonésien, et pourtant, j'ai fait assez vite je trouve.

Quelle est ta langue d'origine?

Quelques conseils, je ne sais pas si tu es capable de comprendre mon (long) texte? https://www.duolingo.com/comment/21969074


Well done thats brilliant !


Congratulations !! Keep up the zeal to learn.. And all the very best !!


thanks! Same to you :)


Quel bon élève!


Magnifique partenaire de travail!


Oui, J'ai presque fini.


thats great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh, i gave you a lingot


awww thank u so much!


Kinda late but congrats!!


That's Ace! My goal is to finish my french tree like you did! I hope you continue on your language learning on Duolingo.


Oh You can totally do it!! thanks- I plan on more learning, this was just (another) first step!


i am half way but i am happy to say i have a 185 streak!


me too, i have 165 streak but just 1/3 way. poor me. :))


Comment fais-tu pour garder ton "streak". Ils me le remettent à zéro à chaque fois! Impossible d'avoir plus de 5 jours, ça revient tout le temps à 1. Il y a une heure, j'avais "2", maintenant c'est revenu tout seul à "1", alors que c'est le milieu de l'après-midi. N'importe quoi leur système...




Congratulations roya, that's wonderful!


félicitations ! :) 45 jours c'est trop rapide ! ça fait trois mois que je travaille sur l'arbre portuguais et je suis encore loin de le terminer :P


thanks! dont give up


how fluent are you in french now?


not very, imho. i could probably test out of first year french. Do you mean on duolingo or irl?


just in general, also, did you use any other sites/ resources with french, how much did you study each day? was it just duolingo you used to learn french?


donc vous etes capable de parler en francais bien ou un peu


i have a genuine fear of speaking and even more so of small talk, but i think im at least like a toddler more than a newborn in terms of spoken communication in french now.


Mais non! Il faut pratiquer, et parler avec les natifs! Tu as de la chance, tu peux parler avec moi par exemple. On va voir si tu parles comme un nouveau-né! Vas-y!


Congratulations! I learn french very low, but i still keep practing. :=))


Oui, beaucoup de pratique. Essaye de le dire en français par example, si tu fais des fautes, ce n'est pas grave du tout. Si tu continues à écrire en anglais, tu ne peux pas apprendre!


Congrats!! wow, you completed the French tree with all in gold and in 45 days! That's a strong determination.

I guess, to strengthen your language skills, you must try to reach level 25 in French tree, that's the max in Duolingo. Also, try the reverse tree i.e., learning the English tree using French language.

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