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"Das würde ich meinen Kindern auch gerne ermöglichen."

February 28, 2013



What happened to "auch"? Doesn't it translate as "possible" here?


"To make possible" is "ermöglichen". "Auch" translates as "also" or "too" and it is somehow not included in the English translation.

The problem I have with translating this sentence is that "auch" could refer to multiple things: "I also would like to make that possible"; "I too would like to make that possible"; "for my children too"; or it could be a conclusion to a previous sentence in which case "auch" would refer back to the reason why it would be a pleasure to do. I'm not sure if I've given the right explanation so I'll delete this if there is someone with a better solution. I do agree though that the translation is missing something.


Thanks. That does clarify. (And sorry, I meant to say it should translate as "also." Must've been a long day yesterday.) Does the relative placement of "auch" in the German sentence indicate which of these meanings is possible, as it might in English?


I'm not sure I should have answered this question. The distinction between "I too" and "for my children too" might be a superficial one. I'm not sure about the rest of my explanation either so I'm hoping someone else can chime in on this.


Seems plausible. In some cases, though, "auch" is absolutely necessary in German, but not in English.

Here's an example:

Anna: Where do you live? - Wo wohnst du?

John: I live in Berlin. - Ich wohne in Berlin.

Anna: I live in Berlin, too! or I live in Berlin! (enthusiastic intonation) - Ich wohne auch in Berlin!


Thank you. So it's a sense of emphasis, or that enthusiastic intonation?


I say... "würde gerne" is always translated into "would like"? I mean sometimes it seems that I should translate it just as "I would happily" or "I would gladly".

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