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April 12, 2017



Sounds like dimdegau to me... if it was, by the way, would this be the correct word for the noughties?


dimdegau would be as good as anything else!


Working on this word and also chwedegau brings to mind a question on a usage that needs both words (and happens to be a true statement for me). Would it be correct to say "Ges i fy ngeni yn y chwedegau, a dw i mewn fy mhumdegau"? If not, what would be correct? (For the avoidance of doubt, and please also tell me how to say this, I will be fifty-five next month.)


Very close:

  • Ges i fy ngeni yn y chwedegau. - Fine
  • Dw i yn fy mhumdegau. - A specific fifties (your, their, the, etc), so yn rather than mewn

  • Byddwch chi'n pum deg pum (mlwydd) oed fis nesaf., or

  • Byddwch chi'n hanner can (mlwydd) oed fis nesaf. (another, older way of expressing fifty, and sometimes still used for age)

The blwydd/flwydd/mlwydd is often left out of ages, and we don't cover it on this course anyway - it is an older word for 'year of age' used only in that context nowadays.


Thanks for that. If I can get even close to right I must be making progress. Dyn ni'n mynd i Rosneigr i ddathlu fy mhenblewydd.

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