"Anajifunza nini?"

Translation:What is he learning?

April 12, 2017

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So what about "study"? In another sentence it accepted "studying" for "jifunza", but not this time. Is "study" more associated with "soma" than "jifunza"? Ah, yes... Just looked it up and the verb "-soma." It means 1) read, 2) learn, study, 3) receive and education. BUT -jifunza also means 1) learn, study 2) educate oneself. Hmmm... and "-funza" means 1) teach, instruct, 2) educate. So "jifunza" does not include "read", while "soma" does. Otherwise rather similar??


that ''ji'' has also meant ones self it repeats all the time like the first person , second and third plural and singular


I thought nini was only 'who' and 'whom', is it also "what'? I am confused.


What is the difference between Jifunza and Soma?


Learn and Read


To learn and to study


Both jifunza and soma mean to learn and to study. Jifunza also means to teach oneself (which is what learn and study mean...) Soma mainly means to read, but also to learn or study.


All I can see is that "learn, study" is the first meaning of "jifunza", while it is the second meaning for "soma". Also the first meaning for 'soma', "read", is not listed as a meaning for "jifunza", and "educate one's self" is only listed as a meaning of "jifunza".

And since they both mean "learn, study", I do not understand how "What is he studying?" could be a wrong translation of "Anajifunza nini?"


Why is the letter j pronounced like a "y"?

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