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  5. "Short road"

"Short road"

Translation:Barabara fupi

April 12, 2017



It's been two years, so probably you've found the answer by now but maybe it is still useful: barabara is class N/N, meaning that singular and plural are the same and they often (but not always) start with [n] (road and roads are both barabara, ndizi means banana or bananas). Also, the adjective that goes with this noun takes the n prefix, for example barabara nzuri - good road(s). There are two exceptions to this rule: a) when the adjective starts with a (bilabial) b, [n] changes its place of articulation to become bilabial, too (=m), so barabara mbaya bad road(s); exception (b) when the adjective starts with ch, f, p, k, t - no prefix is added, hence: barabara fupi. You can find more info on this in J. F. Safari's "Swahili Made Easy"

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