"One thousand nine hundred eighty-four"

Translation:Một nghìn chín trăm tám mươi tư

April 12, 2017



how is it that bon AND tu both indicate 4 please ?

April 12, 2017


Bốn seems to be from Proto-Vietic but is from Sino-Vietnamese tứ. Maybe for some linguistic historical reason, is only used for larger than twenty numbers, while bốn can be used for every number.
E.g. Hai mươi tư/hai mươi bốn (twenty-four) mười bốn (fourteen) một trăm lẻ tư/ một trăm lẻ bốn (one hundred and four)


both mean four


I thought that any usage of four in the ones position required "tư" beginning with 14. This is the first mention of both being acceptable. How commonly is bốn used instead?

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