I got to level 4 in the Swahili but I gave it up I don't like it at all with no audio. So I will wait until they put the audio in then I will start again. It's no fun with no sound.

April 12, 2017


I really enjoyed the no sound. I would just put on a Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack or something. Don't do Swahili in pure silence, that's just torturous.

thank you for your reply, I was wondering how other people cope with the lack of audio. it was really weird having no sound what so ever. I think I will still wait until the add the sound. I really don't like it without it. I was up to level 4 when I quit, it just wasn't fun for me like the rest of the languages. plus I waited so long for them to finish, i thought when they completed it that it was finished.

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