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  5. "La femme mange un poisson."

"La femme mange un poisson."

Translation:The woman is eating a fish.

February 28, 2013



what the hell it said ''a''


"un poisson" means "one fish", not "some fish"


If you listen to it first at the turtle speed, you'll hear 'un' more clearly. The 'n' is just a nasal sound in this word. When spoken quickly it can, for some reason, sound like "a" followed by that nasal sound. And then there are regional accents. Anyway, you'll eventually hear it better.


What does 'la femme mange A poisson' mean, then?????


tany- a poisson doesn't ex ist in French, the woman eats A fish, la femme mange UN poisson.


eating 'a fish' not usual


It can be a correct thing to say depending on the context. "What is he eating?" "He is eating a fish." "What kind?" "A trout, he caught it this afternoon."


They wanted the singular, but "Les femmes mangent un poisson" is grammatically correct right?


yes it is correct, to mean either that a big fish is shared between them or that they are eating one fish each. in terms of pronounciation, your sentence being plural, you should hear a liaison between "mangent" and "une", sounding MANGE-T-UNE


thank you! I think it will take me some time to learn how to hear the difference, but comments like this really help.


sitesurf- this liaison is optional, les femmes mangent un poisson, without the liaison, is more said here in Quebec.


The woman is eating fish should be also accepted!!


To say "The woman is eating fish" is "La femme mange du poisson." The sentence "La femme mange un poisson" is saying that the woman is eating one, whole fish, not some part of a larger fish.


But I think that "the woman is eating fish" could be also taken as she is eating more than 1 or 2 fish no just part of it.


In English, yes. However, to say "The woman is eating fish." in French is: « La femme mange du poisson. », which translates to "The woman is eating some fish." In English, as you know, the "some" is not mandatory, so it can also be translated as "The woman is eating fish." The sentence given was « La femme mange un poisson. », which translates to "The woman is eating/eats a fish." As a result, the answer "The woman is eating fish." is not accepted.


Une situation humoristique: I was asleep, woke up & started my duo lessons and I thought I heard: "Elle mange un croissant." Even when I listened to the turtle! Je pense que j'ai besoin d'une tasse de café!


That's what I heard too. I could not for the life of me make out poisson.


Why don't they use "du poisson"?


because she eats one full fish (like a trout or a sardine, ie small enough) and not a portion of a bigger fish


I thought she was saying 'La femme mange du poisson' - The woman eats fish. Dang it.


I also wrote "the woman is eating fish" and lost a heart. This is (I guess) better english than "the woman is eating a fish". On the other hand; if you want to translate the other way, it then would be "la femme mange du poisson".


Guys plz how could I recognize " un = a " and the " un = one " plz reply


I find it hard to identify through hearing whether she said "la femme" or "les femmes". Any tips?


La sounds like LA and les sounds like LAY


To to Google/Translate and click on the loudspeaker


At slow speed she definitely says "La femme", but in the fast speed it really sounds like "Les femmes"


Why does it say that femmes are wifes and other times women?


ma femme = my wife

la femme de mon ami = my friend's wife/woman

la femme, une femme = the woman, a woman


eve.- Not all women have a husband, so they aren't the wife of someone.


lady and woman are synonyms.


I said "the woman's eating a fish" and it marked it incorrect by saying "the woman is eat a fish". Both sentences mean the exact same thing. This is so annoying and a mistake on their part


"the women is eat a fish" cannot be correct.

To translate the French present, this is the alternative:

  • the woman is eating a fish = continuous present
  • the woman eats a fish = simple present.

Tip: the system cannot recognize all non-required contractions (woman's eating), so please avoid them in writing.


Thought she said La fromage et le poisson lol


In English its not normal to say a person is eating a fish. This is however acceptable with animal. You can easily say a dog is eating a fish


How come this time you dnt have to make un feminine?


Un poisson is masculine, whoever eats it.


I wrote "The wife eats a fish." and it was marked as incorrect. I thought that "femme" can mean either "woman" or "wife". Can someone please explain?


Why isn't this correct?? "The woman eats a fish."


Hmmm.... seems fishy...


a specific fish? Or is she eating fish. Fish rather than meat. She is eating fish should be accepted.


The woman is not eating a specific fish; if she was then it would be "le poisson". "Un" indicates that she is eating a SINGLE general fish. "She is eating fish" means that she is eating multiple fish, which in French would translate to "Elle mange des poissons". "Un" works the same as the English "a".


Yes, she is eating a specific fish. Fish is not always served in pieces. A trout or sardine is "a fish" and she can eat one.

"She is eating fish" can mean she is having multiple fish, and translate to "des poissons", but because "fish" is vague in English, it can also mean that she is having "an unknown amount of a mass thing", and translate to the partitive "du poisson".


Is Femme always translated as woman , and lady is not acceptable.


susanstory you are learning a lot


It can be read as 'The woman is eating fish'


It's interesting how i can make connections between French and English words, and even identical Russian woeds. It help me to remember new words quickly. Like poisson can be associated with poison in English. Riz, the and other words seem to resemble Russian and English words. It's a bit fascinating to me tbh


This comes up often. Why is it that sometimes the app will accept "the woman eats fish" or "the woman IS eating fish," but other times will only accept "the woman IS eating fish? I find this happens a lot and i am forced to simply memorize whatever version of the answer the app wants from me at that particular moment. How am i supposed to tell the difference?


Excuse me, i understand it should be "The woman eats a fish" versus "The woman IS EATING a fish" i forgot the article "a" but otherwise my question remains the same

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