"Where is my wife?"

Translation:Де моя дружина?

April 12, 2017

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Why is дружина wife and not жінка?


I answered ДРУЖИНА and it said I was wrong, and the correct answer was ЖІНКА,so apparently they changed it. They have been translating ДРУЖИНА as "wife" throughout the course, they never use ЖІНКА.


I wrote "мої" why is it wrong?


It is either "моя дружина" (my wife) or "мої дружини" (my wives) if you have more than one :)
A few more examples: мій син, мій чоловік, моя донька, моя бабуся, мої діти, мої батьки.


As far as I understand, it changes according to the gender of the noun. One another question; is there any other form for the possessive prefixes (actually, I dont know this grammer name: possessive noun, ... etc. whatever) other than мій, моя and мої?


my/mine: мій (masculine), моя (feminine), моє (neuter), мої (plural). your/yours (singular): твій (masculine), твоя (feminine), твоє (neuter), твої (plural). I believe all possessive pronouns are introduced during this course, but if it is easier for you to see a table, here is one I found: http://ukrainiangrammar.com/article/2012-06-19/the-pronoun-cases.html


Thanks, I got and examined the tables. I appreciate it, mate.


why did i not learn this??

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