"Gli uccelli mangiano frutta."

Translation:The birds eat fruit.

February 28, 2013

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if they eat fruit, that's singular, but it means more than one fruit. shouldn't 'frutti' be used then instead of 'frutta'?


"La frutta" means fruit as uncountable, while "il frutto" as countable: i.e. "L'uccello mangia (la) frutta" ("the bird eats fruit", or the bird eats fruits as part of its diet) and "L'uccello mangia il frutto" ("the bird eats the fruit", or the bird eats that one fruit I'm talking about).


I had put la frutta not just frutta and marked wrong. Says it should just have been frutta. Is the error because it was a listening exercise (so mishearing against the washing machine and not word for word, so ???normally ok to say), or does it mean if fruit is uncountable as noted above rather than singular that you should drop the la, or is there a rule when you must or can use la (or il etc) v's when this is not meant to be used?


When to use gli. I've seen it with uccelli and uomo.


Use gli when the noun is 1) masculine; 2) plural; 3) begins with a vowel


It is write that "gli" only comes before plural masculine nouns, but that noum doesn't necessarily start with a vowel. "Gli" is the plural form of "l'" and of "lo", so it also comes before plural forms of nouns that would take the "lo" in the singular, like "gli squali", "gli zuccheri", "gli gnomi".


How do you pronounce it? At first, it sounded like glee - with a hard g and in sometimes it sounds like li and in this example I couldnt really hear it at all!?


It is pronounces like llee with a long L sound, like the the Ls in "tortilla"


does the noun have to begin with a vowel and be masculine? or can i work with feminine nouns that begin with a vowel


Yes, 'gli' is used only when all three conditions listed above are met. The feminine is always 'le'.


Also used for plurals beginning with s and a consonant


Example: gli specchi (s+p)


gli + first letter is a vocale gli uomi ----- i + first letter is a consonate i gatti -------- I'm sorry but when i press "enter" I do want a "linebreak/word wraping". Sorry for my english...


yes, all the above + Keep in mind "gli" is only for masculine!! The vowel-starting feminine word will be pluralized with "le", such as "le ore" but I haven't see many examples of this!


... in plurals


"The birds eat the fruit" was marked wrong


Because it is wrong, it says "mangiano frutta", not "mangiano la frutta"


can someone explain why the double "c" here is a is a "ch" sound and not a hard "k" sound? I found mostly single c's are "ch" and double c's are "k." Is this just an exception to the rule, or is there something else at play here?


"c" sounds like "ch" like in church before i and e,and like "k" in kitchen before a,o and u


I typed "the birds eat the fruit." Why is this not correct?


As liligrinch mentioned above, "eat THE fruit" would translate "mangiano LA frutta".


but it doesnt sometmes do why


Is there a word for one female bird and for one male bird ? Is there a word for plural female birds and one for plural male birds ?


As far as I know, uccello doesn't have a femine form in Italian.


I wrote "The birds eat the fruit" why isn't adding the second 'the' correct??


Don't be ridiculous, it was a typing mistake . I know how to write THE


why do the say fruit and you are expected to put the? and other times you add the and it is wrong


I have an english exam tomorrow and im srudying italian in a country where no one knows what italy is


Calm down edgelord yall werent as bad i legit wrote the cows eat fruit


I put "birds eat fruit" because as it's not "la frutta", it's fruit in general and the "gli" would be unnecessary in English. Though in English, "the birds eat fruit" would refer to an identifiable group of birds (the birds in my garden for example.). Whereas "birds eat fruit" would be birds in general, or all birds, or some birds always, so I should have been wrong. (That was a confusing sentence.). Italian is an old and evolving language so everything will have a purpose. So, my question is simple. If my answer actually was correct, what does the gli do?

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