"Salatele de roșii sunt bune."

Translation:The tomato salads are good.

April 12, 2017

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Could be meant as a general statement: "tomato salads are good" should be accepted in my humble opinion.


But wouldn't "tomato salads are good" be "salate de roșii sunt bune" instead of "salatele" then?


No, a literal translation wouldn't work here. In Romanian, if you make a general statement about tomato salads (or about any other group of things/people), you have to use the definite article.


Thank you. This exactly the kind of information missing from these execises.


Agree. Report it.


Can you say: "salatele de roșie sunt bune"?


No, you cannot. Someone has already provided a good explanation for this in a post on a previous sentence, but the gist of it was that in Romanian we use the plural because when you make a salad or juice you use more than one vegetable or fruit. For example, we say "salată de fructe" not "salată de fruct" ("fruit salad") or "suc de mere" not "suc de măr" ("apple juice") because one would typically use more than one apple to make juice.


Thank you for the explanation. I have missed the other comment. It's great that you took the time to give such a good explanation. :-)


You're welcome. Well, it all made sense to me until someone reminded me that a popular Romanian dish is "salată de boeuf." However, I dismissed it as a logical exception since "boeuf" is a French word. And then for some bizarre reason "salată de conopidă" came to mind where "conopidă" is the singular form of "cauliflower."

So I took a look at the Salads section in my Romanian cookbook and found several other exceptions: "varză" (cabbage), "sfeclă" (beets), "praz" (leeks), "fasole boabe" (beans), "fasole verde" (green beans), "sparanghel" (asparagus), "țelină" (celery root), and "spanac" (spinach).

I'm not sure whether there is any logical explanation for those exceptions (e.g., uncountable because there are too many to count or because you could use half of one to make a salad) or whether one just needs to learn these word combinations as they are.


Wouldn't a tomato salad just be extra chunky salsa?


No. It's kinda like Greek Salad but missing a couple of the ingredients. Namely, typical salata de rosi is tomato's, cucumber, and feta cheese, with vinegar and sunflower oil. It's extremely good on a summer day.


I answered " the salads of tomatoes" are good.


It was marked wrong

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