"Rodzina odwiedza zoo."

Translation:The family is visiting the zoo.

April 12, 2017



A word that doesn't decline? It's a Polish miracle!

April 12, 2017


Yeah, that's tragedy. That's why it is often called „ogród zoologiczny”. The Polish alternative (sadly not used) is „zwierzyniec”.

Człowiek człowiekowi wilkiem, a yeti yeti yeti/kiwi kiwi kiwi.
(man is a wolf to man, and yeti is a yeti to yeti/kiwi is a kiwi to kiwi)

For the word „zombi(e)” there is a dilemma: "Zombi zombiemu zombim" or "Zombi zombi zombi"

April 12, 2017


Zoo? Yes, there are many foreign words that don't decline ending in o. But, if it were not a foreign word, it wouldn't decline anyway

April 12, 2017


I have writen the exact same answer

March 28, 2018
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