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"Vogliamo che tu ci porti il giornale di oggi."

Translation:We want you to bring us today's newspaper.

March 14, 2014



The slow version has "tu si porti" while the normal speed has "tu ci porti"


Why "the today's newspaper" is not accepted?


You wouldn't say it that way in English. You would just say "…to bring us today's newspaper."


Why would it not also be correct to say we want you to carry the daily newspaper. Like a statement you would make to the owner of a coffee shop.


I don't know, but I'm guessing that "portare" can't mean "carry" in the sense of "stock" - there is probably a more appropriate word meaning "to stock". However I don't see why it couldn't mean "carry" as in "hold in your hand while you go about your business".

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