I have been having difficulties navigating your menus. I tried to get into my German course using the handle hkyson, but you system asked me to provide another handle, so I used hkysonjr (My name is Harleigh Kyson Jr.)

I signed up for the Spanish course and was able to convert to the German course, but your software assumed I was a complete beginner in German.

How can I access my account under the name hkyson so that I can continue the German course at the level that I have already achieved?

Also, I am having a different difficulty logging in. Why don't you have a log-in button on your page so that I can log in giving my handle and my password. I really would like to log in under my password hkyson.

I complained earlier about how the German course was giving me the same dozen sentences over and over again and that I was getting tired of working with them and was thinking of quitting Duolingo.

I am now much happier with Duolingo, but your log-in procedures for people who have already established an account, if there are any, I have found impossible to find.

Your user interface is not entirely intuitive, unfortunately, but I am slowly getting used to it.

June 23, 2012


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