Translation:Hali ya hewa

April 13, 2017

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Hali ya hewa - seems to mean "the state of the weather" so is this a phase for the weather at a specific time?


It may help to note that "hewa" can also mean air. So, "hali ya hewa" literally means "state of the air". Other languages also use this concept of "state of x" to mean the weather. Examples ,

Hava durumu - "state of the air" in Turkish , Umumo womkhathi - "state of the atmosphere" in northern Ndebele or Zulu, Maemero ekubanze - "state of the outside" in Ndau.

I hope that helps.


Hahaha ngwarai the combination of Turkish ,ndau,ndebele and Zulu makes me wonder where on earth do you come from.


:) I love languages and I just try to learn whatever I can from whoever I get in contact with. Don't be surprised one day if I try to learn a few words from your native language.


I am not sure if it is necessary to use whole this phrase. Hewa means - air, weather, climate. Hali ya hewa literally means - weather condition.


hewa could be ambiguous because typically on its own it's used to mean air. The whole phrase is the translation of the word weather i.e. 'state/condition of the air'

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