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  5. "Wir sind alle zufrieden."

"Wir sind alle zufrieden."

Translation:We are all satisfied.

February 28, 2013



As I progress in this program, lately I find I am beset with new vocabulary words that are kinda big and look similar to each other to me. It often helps me if there is something I can see about the word that reminds me of what it means. Here we have zufrieden. Is it a word made of smaller words? I know "zu." Google translate seems to say "frieden" means "peace" or "tranquility." Knowing that helps me relate better to "zufrieden" as "at peace" or "in a state of tranquility" or something and to remember it also when needed.


Friedhof = graveyard, so maybe think of graveyard as a place where bodies are at peace?


Anyone mind give me a heads up of how to determine where "alle" goes in a sentence?


One of the other questions in this same unit forces you to pick zufrienden ="happy" but this question marks it wrong when you pick it!


Duden defines "zufrieden" this way: "being in harmony with the given, the given circumstances, relationships and therefore inwardly balanced and not wanting any change in the circumstances". It's much closer to "satisfied" than to "happy".


I thought it was "We are completely satisfied.". How would I say that?


I believe that would be vollständig, voll or ganz zufrieden, but I hope a native or more skilled speaker will weigh in on the matter :)


Also, "we are all at peace" is correct- no? It is actually a more literal translation, and is a correct English phrase.


"At peace" in English would mean something more like "calm" or "tranquil."


At peace actually means more like, "rested", "content", "fulfilled", "resolved", "completed", "no longer in conflict".


Can you say this after a meal when the waiter asked you about it?


zufrieden ist nicht gleich "happy". I beg to differ duolingo. ...


Why "we all are happy" is not correct?


It would be more natural to say "We are all happy" or "All of us are happy."


Is "zufrieden" a separable verb? Is there any way to tell if a verb is separable? Is there a list of prefixes that are commonly found in separable verbs?


Zufrieden is not a verb, but an adjective (meaning "content'" or "pleased") :)


Granted my German is rather rusty, I put 'We are all glad' and it was marked as incorrect. Could anyone let me know what 'glad' would be in German if I have misremembered it? Thanks.


I'm no native german maybe there are more expressions for this feeling of glad, but one it could be

Du bist sehr froh und glücklich=you are very glad and happy


Why is "glad" incorrect?

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