soil = daear?

In "Nature" lesson 2, there's a picture exercise for "soil" which expects the answer pridd.

Should it also accept daear?

Gweiadur gives one meaning of daear (number 3) as "y pridd y mae planhigion yn tyfu ynddo: earth, soil", and it defines pridd as "haen uchaf y ddaear y mae planhigion yn tyfu ynddo, gwaddod sydd fel arfer yn cynnwys cymysgfa o greigiau chwilfriw a deunydd organig; daear: earth, soil", i.e. defining pridd as daear.

So I think perhaps it should be accepted.

On the other hand, that same lesson teaches daear as "earth", so it might want to teach us to keep those words separate.

On the third hand, "earth" in English can refer both to the planet and to soil....

April 13, 2017


Probably stick with growing plants in pridd and living on the daear. Nothing to get hung up on, though.

Have a look at the definitions and examples for 'earth' and 'soil' at

April 13, 2017
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Yes, thanks for pointing this out, you're correct 'daear' = 'pridd' in many definitions.

I had hoped to see 'Y Ddaear' - `The Earth' as only capital letters to differentiate from the general meaning but that's not true - penbleth

April 14, 2017
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