"Is he drinking beer at eighty years old?"

Translation:El bea bere la optzeci de ani?

April 13, 2017

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In Romanian there is not reverse order when asking at all? "You are?" and not "Are you?" Or I could say "Bea el bere la optzeci de ani?"


As nethereran said, it is a matter of intonation, just like in Spanish where they even put the upside down question mark at the beginning so you know it will be a question.


I've seen questions with verb-subject-rest (are Andrei o portocală? e cantitatea un milion?) and verb-rest-subject (sunt mici cantitățile?) order. What would be the difference?

I'm Italian, it's not mandatory to change word order for us, but sometimes it can have a different meaning: cantitățile mici and mici cantitățile would be the same, but with other adjectives could put the focus on the adjective. The same for are Andrei o portocală, it would put the emphasis on whether it's Andrew who has the orange, instead of somebody else. Is it the same? What comes first has the focus?


thanks again : ), regarding the "marks" at the beginning, I heard one explanation that Spanish are so energetic so they want to inform you ahead what they want : ) cause then being so talkative and fast talking with waving hands you can lose what was the topic ; )


The order doesn't change, only the intonation.


Why is "El bea bere la optzeci ani?" wrong?


For bigger numbers (I think 20+, but I have honestly forgotten), you put "de" between the number and the noun.


Why not "El bea bere la vârsta de optzeci de ani?"

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