"Msimu wa vuli"


April 13, 2017

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Indeed, check this out, according to vf-tropi.com. Tanzania's Masika and Vuli Rains Defined

Tanzania has two major agroclimatic areas - the unimodal and the bimodal rainfall areas. The bimodal area has a short-rains minor cropping season, known as vuli, with planting around October/November and harvesting in late January/February; and a main, long-rains season, called masika, following immediately the vuli season, with planting in late February/March and harvesting in July/August. The bimodal areas extend over the northern and north-eastern regions, including Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Moshi, Tanga, as well as Kigoma, Kagera, Mwanza, Mara and parts of Morogoro, Mbeya, Dar es Salaam and Coast. Elsewhere in the country, i.e. the central and southern regions, rainfall is unimodal, with planting starting around November and harvesting taking place from May to July. In some regions, the unimodal or "seasonal rains" are also referred to as masika.


Thank you for your clarification.

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    Duo Swahili is a bit misleading when it makes direct word-for-word comparisons between the seasons in tropical East Africa and the seasons in a temperate zone. Even native English speakers who live in East Africa don't refer to the local seasons as "spring, summer, fall/autumn, winter", as far as my experience goes. I suggest sticking to "dry season, long rainy season, cool/cold season, short rainy season". And there should be flexibility in these phrases, so that, e.g., "season of long rains", "long-rains season" "the long rains", etc. are also accepted as correct.


    It's also not how they would commonly translate it in EA. Should be "season of short rains"


    Short rains yes, but autumn is a temperate term...and Fall north American, it should not be used as the english equivalent?


    Is there also a long rainy season?


    To compair this with Autumn doesn't make sense.


    As the others wrote here, try the more accurate answer "season of short rains" and report it if this answer still isn't accepted.


    It still is not accepted, so I reported it.


    northeast monsoon, i.e. short rain season


    Yes, long rainy season is called - masika


    This was very confusing, coming across it the first time. It should be a phrase rather than three separate words.


    does vuli come from kivuli or..?


    My mum grew up in Tanzania, can speak 4 Great Lakian languages, including swahilli - yet she has never heard this phrase lol. But ok guess we learnt today


    I agree. I live in Kenya. There is no such thing as Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter in equatorial regions- these seasons are not tropical phenomena. I think they are confusing and should be removed from Duolingo i.e. Vuli is 'Autumn'. Nobody here ever refers to them.

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