German occupation in tiny cards

Would Duolingo please somehow give an indication of whether an answer is expected in the male or female form please? It is so frustrating to go around and around as wrong when one gives the male answer when the female is correct. Surely I'm not the only person to be sent crazy by this lack of oversight??? This is the really annoying weakness in an otherwise stellar app!!!
There are symbols which could surely be added to the card to let the student know which gender is required....

April 13, 2017


Is it a History deck?

April 14, 2017

No-am doing German and this is the Tiny cards app. It seems to follow along with your progress in the Duolingo app and is invaluable as a learning tool. I learned quickly to use American spelling (am Australian and we use British spelling) and there are just a couple of other niggles which aren't unnavigable....however this issue in the card set called occupation is doing me in!! They have the flash cards for the baker (as an example) which is fine... you put in the baker masculine and it's correct ... all good:) then later it will come up again and you put in the same masculine word and it's wrong because they want the feminine-but there is nothing that shows that they want feminine and not masculine-this goes on with every other occupation and it's just dreadful because it's almost impossible to finish the set!!! I've had to just get out of it and keep my sanity lol. Wish they would use the male and female symbols or at least had a different image showing male or female... seems impossible to contact them though to give the feedback

April 14, 2017
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