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stuck in a lesson and cannot move on

I am in phrases and it just keeps coming up dziekuje then dzieki , over and over again. I cannot move on or unlock my next lesson. Can anyone help me?

April 14, 2017



If you are using the computer, try doing the lesson on your phone app if you have one. That might help get you beyond it. crosses fingers


Post a message to troubleshooting. I had a similar issue and DL fixed in one day. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22081101


I'm having the same problem. I'm stuck in the first lesson!


I cannot move on Level 13 Travel because correct solutions in "Type what you hear" section are not recognised...even though they ARE correct. Any ideas?


I had exactly the same problem yesterday. I posted a message via the 'help' pages along with a screenshot and today the problem has been fixed, thankfully.


The program freezes in the middle of the test. I keep going to a new one , but the same thing happens. Help !!!


I am also getting stuck because a number of the audio tasks are clutching and no amount of clicking volume or tortoise buttons results in any audio. Therefore cannot pass this task. Report a problem does not have option for audio not working.


I recommend turning off your mic and speakers. Work on listening comprehension elsewhere, find a video on youtube from a native speaker who is teaching pronunciation, and say everything you are learning out loud. To turn off mic and speakers, hover over your username in the blue bar at the top of the screen. A menu will drop down. Click "Settings". Once you've changed the settings, don't forget to click the green "Save" button. :)


I wound up getting unstuck by accessing duolingo through safari rather than chrome (on my lap top). Got through the lessons and their version was tons better than what I was able to get through chrome. No problems since. Phone app works too.


I'm glad you were able to find a way through it. If it happens in the future, just remember you can turn it off. Good luck with your studies! :)

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