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"An bhfuil ag siúl ag rith?"

Translation:Are you walking or running?

April 14, 2017



Does "An bhfuil tú ag siúl nó rith?" make sense?


Examples in the EID, the FGB, and the NEID all use ag with both verbal nouns:

Did he walk or ride? ag siúl nó ag marcaíocht a bhí sé?

An ag tuile nó ag trá atá sé? Is it ebbing or flowing?

he doesn't know if he's coming or going ní fheadair sé an ag teacht nó ag imeacht atá sé


Looking at those examples, it seems the sentence above should be An ag siúl nó ag ag rith atá tú?


Yes, it seems as though emphasizing the “either … or …” choices through clefting the question is the preferred structure.


Can this connote a future intention like in English, or is this strictly a question about what someone is currently doing?


Because Irish has an actual future tense conjugation (English doesn't actually have a future tense conjugation, relying on the auxiliary verb "will" instead), you should use the future tense An mbeidh tú ag siúl nó ag rith? for a future intention, though it is likely that, under the influence of English, the habit of implying the future tense from context is fairly common.


Thanks. I thought that might be the case. My instinct was to 'hear' a future intention in this question, but I suspected I was wrong.

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