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  5. "Dych chi wedi mynd ma's?"

"Dych chi wedi mynd ma's?"

Translation:Have you gone out?

April 14, 2017



Is there a difference between allan and ma's?


No. allan is the 'standard' word, but ma's is also widely used, especially in some west and south Wales dialects.


How would you say 'Have you been outside'?


"Dych chi wedi bod ma's/allan".


I can't find this in my dictionary, or in your tips. what is the 's short for? is it an abbreviation of "maes", perhaps?


I was wondering this too, Wiktionary just says it's an alternative form of mas which it says is South Wales colloquial https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/mas#Welsh


North Welsh wording would be good if there is the option of giving alternatives in the given sentence.


Both ma's and allan are used in the various Welsh prompt sentences - with each phrase, each should come up about half the time - and either one is always acceptable in place of the other in answers to English prompts.

Similarly, Dach chi and Dych chi are interchangeable, but we do not currently include mid- and S Wales variants such as Dech chi, Ych chi, Ŷch chi, etc.


We can't give two given sentences, but "Dach chi wedi mynd allan?" is an accepted answer for the reverse exercise.

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