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'Duolingo Swahili' course on Memrise

Hello, I would like to invite you to check out my Duolingo vocab course on Memrise - https://www.memrise.com/course/1432220/duolingo-swahili/ I have already covered 19 lessons, but I add new ones regularly. Have fun and good luck with learning Swahili!

April 14, 2017



I will publish my course soon (maybe next week). I covered 43 units, but I will publish it only after it is complete... :)


Wow, good job! :D


I finished it (except maybe for some minor imprecisions I found around the tree), but I think that publishing will make it confusing for the people on these forums and the followers of your course.

If you want to take a look, in case you are looking for inspiration to finish your course, the link is https://www.memrise.com/course/1434586/complete-duolingo-swahili/. However, I will keep this course unlisted. :D

Good luck!


Thank you! :)

I think you should publish it - you have put so much work in it and it would help a lot, because for sure there are many people out there who have already finished the tree and need to refresh their memory.

I would still work on mine, but there would be yours for people who need it - what do you think about that?


Well... Indeed I put some work there as I rushed through the tree (and felt I was going too fast), but I wasn't thinking about sharing it because I saw that you and two others started doing the mem course for the community. However, I don't think that a course redundancy will be helpful, neither my course is superior to yours to be seen as a replacement (by example, I found 3-4 courses of Turkish for English speakers - some time after I started one which was kind of messy, but I wouldn't start a course again, or ignore many words and having my progress split around two courses)...

Take some lingots for your iniciative. Good luck!


I understand you completely. I have taken some Swahili courses on Memrise before and some of them were not of the best quality and I had to ignore so many words it was tiring. Thank you for the lingots :) Have a nice day!

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