"The dogs, the cats, and the horses are animals."

Translation:Los perros, los gatos y los caballos son animales.

5 years ago



Los perros, las gatas, y los caballos son animales. < ---- I typed that

But it has this ------- > Los perros, las gatas y los caballos son animales.

In Spanish, the second comma doesn't necessarily need to be there?

5 years ago


people argue about whether it must be there in English

5 years ago


In fact, many English learners were taught that the second comma in a sentence like this is NOT necessary --though the textbooks told us to add a comma before an 'and' :P

5 years ago

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Personally I think the english sentence should read "Dogs, cats and horses are animals". I think the Spanish translation is the same but it makes a little more sense to me.

5 years ago
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