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  5. "Eu mă îmbrac cu multe haine."

"Eu îmbrac cu multe haine."

Translation:I dress with many clothes.

April 15, 2017



I think it would make more sense in English to say "I put on many clothes".


Or "I put on a lot of clothes".


English English - not translations but a variety of typical sayings... I'm getting dressed, I'm putting on extra layers, I'm dressing up. Unfortunately "I dress with many clothes" is not amongst them. Can't imagine any UK native English speaker saying this, nor for that matter any American I've ever met. What would be good to know is whether this is actually a common phrase in Romanian or something invented for this course.


Probably invented. As a Romanian I read this phrase as "I have many clothes to dress with". For actually dressing with many clothes I would say "Eu pun multe haine pe mine"


Sure, but it's not as though Romanians don't say "ma îmbrac". Also, we're in the reflexive verbs section. For "ma îmbrac": https://youtu.be/T-VQK7a-igg


The more literal translation, "I dress myself ..." is fairly common in spoken American English.


... but not accepted


Can you say, "Eu port multe haine."?


Yes you can, but that would better translate to "I am wearing many clothes"

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