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Difference between тут and здесь

Both words mean "here". Can someone please tell me the difference between the two words and when I should use them?

April 15, 2017



"Тут" is slightly more colloquial than "здесь", and it's not recommended to use in formal communication. Other than that they are interchangeable.


Would it be inappropriate to use тут together with вы? I seem to remember some instances of duolingo only accepting "здесь" (although I can't remember where that was exactly) and this would explain why if they are otherwise interchangeable.


I woudn't say that formal "Вы" on it's own precludes using "тут". It mostly depends on the situation and on the person speaking. "Тут" sounds a bit unsophisticated so one would probably go with "здесь" if they want to sound professional, but I have to reiterate that the difference is not very dramatic.


There are many phraseological units with ТУТ. 1. Не тут-то было. I thought an admission was free, but nothing like that (не тут-то было), they took $10. 2. Тут-то я и понял. Only after that I understood at once. 3. Тут - же = сразу же. I called him and he came at once. 4. Чего тебе тут надо. What do you need here. (Sounds very rudely).


Здесь is more broad of an area. It could be used to describe how something is within the vicinity, whereas тут is more specific. Тут would be better with something that is in a room.


здесь вам не тут!


Да уж... И тут вам не здесь...

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