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Bunny's Easter Egg Challenge

In honour of Easter tomorrow, I want to hold a challenge :P

Can you find sentences that have the word bunny or relate to the theme of Easter in the Duolingo courses? It'd be interesting to know just how many sentences relate to bunnies/Easter :P

Each finding will get a lingot :) (And no, you can't give me lingots back. Seriously guys, I have enough glares)

And of course, this is dedicated to my older sib Usagiboy7 :P

Have fun and happy Easter :)

April 15, 2017



I found a great one: Luis cocina un conejo (which is translated to, from Spanish: Luis cooks a rabbit) Lol... XD Happy Easter


This one is in the Swedish tree: Brukar ni fira påsk? = "Do you (plural) usually celebrate Easter?" Also in the Swedish tree: Det är inte sant att en häxa måste vara gammal och ful. = "It is not true that a witch must be old and ugly." So how is this sentence Easter related? Well, it could refer either to the myth of Blåkulla or to påskkkäringar. Read more here. :)


Two lingots for you ;)


I found only rabbit related ones in my french tree: "Vous avez un lapin." (You have a rabbit) "Bonjour le lapin ! Comment ça va ? " (Good day Rabbit! How are you?) "Le lapin mange, non ?" (The rabbit eats, no?) "Le lapin ? Il est calme." (The rabbit? It is calm).


I can't find any equivalent for "bunny" exactly in Irish (and apparently http://focloir.ie/ is unreachable, is it that way for you? I mean, I tried a US IP and DNS server, that should've bypassed it if it was only for Iran) but "coinín" equals "rabbit", so, "D'ith an coinín cairéad."


A lingot for you ;) says "No returns" as if this was a game of tips


Hmm, I don't know many, let me look around. Also, apparently somebody lingot-bombed you slightly in the last couple of minutes, because I looked at this a couple minutes ago and there was only one....


Why do I always get lingot bombed? -.-


Are "bunny" and "rabbit" interchangeable? Because I found this in the English-from-Chinese tree: The rabbit drinks water (这个兔子喝水). Happy easter ^_^

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