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"Os sapatos da menina são pequenos."

Translation:The girl's shoes are small.

February 28, 2013



Sometimes "da" sounds a lot like "na". Does anyone agree?

In this case is pretty obvious that it should be "da", but there may be examples where both can be used.


Hello, Amired! It is hard for me to tell. I can clearly hear the "da", but maybe it is because I am used to the sounds. I can't really think of sentences where both would fit, so context helps too. =)


What about the translation: the shoes are too small?


That would be "os sapatos são pequenos demais" (or "muito pequenos"). I hope it helps! =)


Or 'demasiado'?


Does this mean "girl's shoes", as opposed to "men's shoes". Or the shoes of a specific girl?


It says 'da menina' (de + a), so it is referring to a specific girl. If it were referring to girls' shoes in general, I think it would 'Os sapatos de meninas sa~o pequenas' . Can any native speakers confirm this?


"The girls' shoes are small" would be "Os sapatos das meninas são pequenos"

Duolingo also has this sentence "Os chapéus dos meninos são grandes." = The boys' hats are big.


You're probably right. Thanks for the correction. I edited my post above to find out.

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