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iphone app error/german

I was using the iphone app earlier (on my ipad) for German, and I feel like I might have hit an error. I took a screencap:


The german text was "Das Mädchen liest die Zeitung." and I translated that (with the magnetic words) as "The girl reads the [news]paper" and I got it wrong. The app told me the correct answer was "The girl reads the paper."

I honestly don't remember if there was a "paper" word there as well as "[news]paper" but the latter should still have been correct I think. Its usually correct in the web app. I can usually use paper or newspaper interchangeably.

So I guess I am wondering, did I translate correctly? and is there a way to report errors within the iphone app? do we need to post them here? or something else?

February 28, 2013



About the iphone I can say nothing, not having one. Your translation was correct, so I guess it was a glitch.


Thanks for pointing this out. It should be fixed now. Both "paper" and "newspaper" should always be accepted for "Zeitung".

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