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This is how Ja-En course looks like

April 15, 2017



How can you make it? It's like a sneak peek.


Step 1- Go to the home where you would do your lessons.

Step 2- Go to the flag icon next to your name and bring down the drop down menu.

Step 3- Right click any language and press inspect element.

Step 4- You will see multiple lines with "language choice etc." in them

Step 5- Choose one and replace the two letters near the end with "ja"

Step 6- Collapse that specific line even further and replace every two letters of the original language with "ja"

Step 7- There will be a line with the full spelt out name of the original language. Replace that with "Japanese"

Step 8- Go back to the drop down menu and select Japanese.


One - two , One - two , One - two ,... If you know what i mean ;)


That's just the basic Japanse greeting. The first person keeps saying "one" and the other person keeps saying "two". This is done till one of them can't take it any longer, that person loses. Totally a true story /s.


looks good, thanks for sharing with us


You know what I didn't like about it? It's only three words per item, sometimes even two...


I noticed that, other lessons have more words depending where you are. Well the course isn't finished yet so don't expect much. I hope they will add more. My course glitched out at time so yeah lol.


Thanks! I see a lot of vocabulary but not any grammar (except for Basics) yet... I hope they add it before the course is released.


I noticed it that the skills are very lacking. But hey the course isn't even released yet. There is no way that such language as Japanese can have so very little skills. I guess they will add more in the future.


Hi! Does it work for Czech course? I'm not getting it.


I believe since the Japanese contributors are having other people test their course it only works for Japanese. I tried Korean and it doesn't work.


I've tried all the other languages, and they all take me to the homepage. The Czech course will come out pretty soon though.

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