Hi everybody, I have some questions about the assignments.

1) Is it normal that all my students don't receive the mail telling them there is a new assignment? (I made a test myself and I didn't receive it)

2) Is it possible to plan several assignments at the same time with different due dates?

3) What happens when a student didn't work for assignment A and I give soon after assignment B? When he starts to work is he working for assignment A (which will appear late) or for assignment B? (I hope it's clear)

Thanks for your answers Lydiane C

April 15, 2017

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2: You can set up as many assignments as you want at the same time, yes. If there's more than one XP assignment at once, though, the system won't necessarily assign the XP to the assignment you want - I think it puts the XP towards the assignment with the earliest submission date. From what I've seen on the forums, it's probably best to have only one XP assignment at once.

3: Once the assignment date has passed, the system will assign the student's XP to the new assignment.

I don't know about your first question, sorry. Duolingo isn't really very good at communication, though, paradoxically, so it might be best to use your school's VLE to tell your students about their homework, or whichever mechanism you'd usually use to inform your students about their homework.

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