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mientras vs. cuando

I think I have found a bug: i was doing one of the spanish lesson and I had a multiple answer question (' I speak while I eat'). I selected ' hablo mientras como' and I did not select' hablo cuando como' and the third sentence was something way off. So what happened is I lost a heart because I did not select the 'cuando' one as well. This alone is wrong I think, because we as we learned cuando means 'when' and mientras means 'while' .The difference is somewhat subtle, but in my experience Duolingo does differentiate theses almost-but-not-the-not-quite-the-same meaning words normaly. Then, what happened is I tried this set of questions again and I got the same multiple choice question, only this time I selected both of them and lost one heart again....So now I really don't know if I should select both of them or just the 'mientras' one. Other than that I am very happy, that Duolingo exists. Awesome :)))

February 28, 2013

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Thanks! You're absolutely right- the sentence was in error. One of the sentences accepted 'cuando' for 'mientras'. We just made an update.

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