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  5. "Das ist Vorbereitung."

"Das ist Vorbereitung."

Translation:That is preparation.

March 15, 2014



I like that preparation in German is literally "before-readyation"


Is it just me or does 'this is preparation' make no sense in English


I am relatively new here, but have been trying to field as many questions regarding sentences as possible and I must say that the English translations are often odd at least.

Many of the sentences used just beg for context not to sound jarring.

(A boy who eagerly wants to play baseball and has just received a new baseball glove watches his father oil it for 30 minutes, put a ball in the glove and close the glove around the ball with a rubber band. The boys look on confusedly having hoped to be able to start using the glove).

The boy: Dad, what are you doing? Let's play. I've been preparing to play all day practicing with my friends at school!

The father: Son, that is preparation.

Something like that.

Excuse my terrible prose and example, but I hope it helps to get my point across.


That was nice prose, epic even (when compared with Duolingo's one liners). I teared up a bit. But yeah, it seems like the quality has declined a bit in these last few lessons. It seems like these "abstract objects" were added as an afterthought. Nice user name, by the way.


I totally agree that many translations are obtuse and out of context. Sometimes I am amazed that my responses are correct.


In this context I'd interpret this as "forward planning".


I don't understand how nouns are formed from verbs.

  1. Der Austausch, from austauschen
  2. Die Vorbereitung, from vorbereiten
  3. Das Lesen, from lesen.
  4. Die Aufgabe from aufgeben
  5. Das Geschm├Ąck from schmecken

Can someone explain these forms?


What's the difference between Voorbereitung ad Bereitung if any?


I'm not sure whether I've ever seen Bereitung.

The verb bereiten is also not particularly common compared to prefixed versions such as zubereiten or vorbereiten.


Vorbereitung = pre - arrangement?

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